Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A bum rap?

I know that I'm obsessing more than a little with the aftermath of Saturday's date, but the train crash just keeps going. I need to end it once and for all. Whatever "it" is, it needs to stop!

My productivity at work today plummeted after I received an email, that asked amongst other things;

"Is there anything you would object to me buying for you?"
"Would it be ok to call you pet names? For example muffin honeybun darling babe?"
and the absolute kicker
"If I wanted to give you a back rub would it bother you if I gave you a bum rub at the same time?"

I've been thinking alot today about relationships, and what I want out of one. I've learnt over the last few days that I need someone who challenges me and can make me think. Much I would love to have someone just worship the ground I walk on, and just dote on me, it isn't enough. I would be bored, and probably be a right bitch if that is what happened.

It has been interesting getting feedback from some of my friends and colleagues about me and who I should be with. They have all agreed that I would be bored, and need someone to challenge me. Interestingly enough, they have all referred to this situation as verging on the bunny boilerish.

I need to end things now, and try to be as kind as possible. He is getting too attached to me, and that is unfair to him, because it sure isn't mutual.


jellyhead said...

Hi to a fellow Aussie!

I saw a comment from you on one of my favourite blogs (cmhl) and thought I'd come over to visit.

I see you've only been blogging a month or so, so I thought you might like to get a comment (or maybe not! - but I know it was always so thrilling for me when someone - anyone- commented on my first few posts!). You have a real knack for writing - I hope you keep blogging.

And good luck ending it with Mr Creepy! (I remember from my dating days that scared, 'I-must-run-now' feeling that this kind of guy induces!)


thisisme said...

Thanks Jellyhead - you made my day!